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What You Should Know About Wholesale Nail Supplies in Australia?

What You Should Know About Wholesale Nail Supplies in Australia?

Looking good comes at a price. And nowhere is that more true than in Australia! Aussies spend an astonishing $2 billion on manicures and pedicures every year. But what if we told you that there’s a way to get salon-quality nail care at a wallet-friendly price? 

Buying wholesale beauty supplies has long been a secret of beauticians and beauty bloggers looking for affordable ways to pamper themselves and their clients without needing to compromise on ingredients and quality. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about buying wholesale nail supplies in Australia. 

Why Should I Buy Wholesale Nail Supplies in Australia?

Beauticians and manicurists don’t just nip to the shops to purchase the treatments on offer in their salons. They visit a specialist beauty wholesaler. 

Wholesalers stock salon quality brands that you can’t find on the high street like SNS and Apres. Although you may be surprised to learn that you pay less for a premium brand through wholesaler than you do for lower quality, consumer brand from your local drug store! By buying wholesale, you too can benefit from luxury products that are formulated to give long-lasting, powerful results.

If you’re a beauty lover, buying wholesale also allows you to experiment with the products you use and treat yourself to professional nail treatments at home. Many items listed simply aren’t available in retailers. 

Looking for a specific ingredient? You’ll find it at a wholesaler. Want to try the latest celebrity nail technique? You got it, wholesalers will stock those products first so that salons can introduce them first.

How Much Could I Save Buying Wholesale?

As well as offering higher quality products, wholesalers are famed for their affordable prices. And nowadays you don’t even need to buy in bulk! At American Beauty Supply (Aust.), you can purchase everything from your favourite gel polishes to your own UV lamp at discounted rates. 

The exact savings you get will depend on the brand you’re interested in. Many will have their own set wholesale rates. Nevertheless, it’s not just a case of shaving off a few dollars here and there. You’ll be surprised at the difference in wholesale rates.

Take the classic Shellac Topcoat. At leading Australian retailers, you would pay around $55 for a 15ml bottle. At American Beauty Supplies that same bottle costs you just $35, saving you an incredible $20 overall!

Get Better Quality Nail Supplies for Less: Buy Wholesale

The best-kept secret in beauty? You don’t need to pay the earth to offer indulgent, high-quality treatments to your clients (or to spoil yourself at home!). 

American Beauty Supply (Aust.) is a leading supplier of high-quality, wholesale nail supplies in Australia. From gel nail polishes to UV lamps and salon equipment, we supply everything you need to create pampering beauty experiences in your salon. Buy direct from wholesale distributors and avoid paying more than you need elsewhere. So what are you waiting for? Check out our selection of nail supplies and stop trading quality for price.