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Nail Kits

Whether you’re just starting out your nail journey or you are a professional nail master, a good set of tools to help make the whole process of doing nails go smooth and easy is a must. The most convenient way to make sure you have all the mani essentials is to purchase them in a kit. 

At American Beauty, we offer a variety of nail kits that have you covered for almost any type of manicure.

Everything You Need in a Nail Kit

We have a wide variety of nail kits from ABS and SNS, brands that are well-known among nail enthusiasts, that you can use for different types of nail design. 

Here are a few points to help you guide through our range of products:

  • Polish type. No matter what kind of polish and nail technique you prefer – gel, dipping powder, acrylic nails, regular polish or something else – you will find a perfect nail kit for you.
  • Any budget. We offer nail kits that are a little different in terms of how many products are included in the kit. That’s why you can find a nail kit that will help you get to your #nailgoals for almost any budget. The most basic and reasonably priced kits contain all the essentials that you might need to start out and make your first mani experience a pleasure. Other kits have some additional products for those who want more complex designs or some extra tools and steps for the nails to look well-maintained for a little longer.
  • Tools or no tools. We acknowledge that some people might already have a set of tools that they use daily for their nails and could need a nail kit that contains only gel, dipping or acrylic polishes, while for some people at the beginning of their manicure journey, it’s more convenient to have everything they need in a nail kit, including tools and special equipment. That’s why some of our nail kits contain only polishes (colours, some sheer options, base and top coats, sealer, oil, nail glue and many others depending on the kit), while some have a manicure bowl, drill, nail file, buffer etc., to have you fully covered. So whether you’re just getting into the whole doing your nails thing or you’re a pro who just wants to renew some colour positions or try something new – our nail kits are a perfect place to start!
  • With or without removal equipment. Some of our nail kits have liquids or tools for polish removal (we offer a nail removal kit as well), including acetone remover, drill, nail clips and more. So whether you already have everything you need to remove polish from your nails, or you want to have the options included in the kit, be your favourite removing method the acetone remover or drill – you can find a nail kit set that suits your situation best.

In case you already have some products from our nail kits and no options fit your wish list, you can shop everything you need separately. Discover our collections of Nail Tools, Nail Drills and UV/LED Lamps, and get your best mani experience ever.

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