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DND DC Mermaid Gel



Give your salon the competitive edge with the latest DND DC Mermaid Gel products. American Beauty Supply offers the largest range of beauty products from top brands at competitive prices.

DND otherwise known as “Daisy Nail Design” are widely known for their luminous, long-lasting nail polishes. With the aim of providing the highest-quality products, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try DND sooner.

Base coats, bond-aids and primers are a thing of the past with DND. DND delivers a fast two-step professional system that is unique from any other on the market. Fused with essential vitamins, DND makes nails stronger, healthier, as well as stunning for weeks!  Why DND is so important? It is because of the technique they use with their procedures. Their products doesn’t emit strange odours, does not drip after applying, contains a much thinner substance, minimal drying time and most of all, it is easy to perform manicures on your own!

The DC Mermaid Gel Collection is one of DND’s latest collections in 2019. Choose from a wide and gorgeous range of 36 legendary, aquatic glimmer and sparkling effects for your manicure and pedicure. Just like the golden shimmer when the sun hits the ocean, your nails will give off the same eye catching, iridescent sparkle! With great value of money, all DND products are at an affordable price point for gel polishes.