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Bases & Topcoats (for Nail Lacquer)



Bases and topcoats are the most important tools to create long lasting and beautiful nails. Shop our wide selection of clear, matte or high-shine bases and topcoats at American Beauty Supply.

Not only is the Base Coat a vital component in the Nail process, it protects your natural nail. Base Coat provides the foundation for your Nail Manicure as the colour coat sticks to the cured base. Top Coat seals your Nail Polish and gives it that glossy finish that looks so great. The Base Coat holds your design while the Top Coat seals it to protect your design from chips or fading.

American Beauty Supply stocks the most popular foundation and seal coats for every nail lacquer and polish colours. Discover a world of endless possibilities with our various brands including OPI, OPI Infinite Shine, INM OutTheDoor, Poshe, Seche Vite and Misa Cosmetics.