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AC - Autumn Collection


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Shop the SNS Autumn Collection at SNS Nails Australia. SNS Nails, otherwise known as Signature Nail Systems is one of the best and highly regarded Nail and beauty brands. They also invented world’s first ever dipping system for natural as well as acrylic nails. In fact they are admired by nail technicians, professionals and customers across the globe. 

Gelous Color—SNS’s salon quality dip powder—boasts its award-winning formula. This extremely fine grain powder helps create a stunning finished surface with richer and more vibrant colors than any other dip powder. SNS powders feature its exclusive Nutri-Plus™ system: a dip base and adhesive liquids that are packed with nutrients —vitamins A, E, D, B5, plus calcium and zinc. With continued use, the Nutri-Plus™ system of products help nourish the natural nail and the surrounding cuticles.

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