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Eyelash and Eyebrow Tweezers are an important part of everyday life, be at at home or in the salon. Discover a world of voluminous lashes or perfect brows, all done by the application with our precision tweezers!

Firstly, choose from our amazing tweezers that will easily and precisely pluck away thick and even the finest of hairs. Secondly, each tweezer comes in curved, pointed, slanted as well as a comfortable soft-held grip. So, job done easy! Thirdly, tweezers are a versatile tool to maintain the appearance of each eyebrow and keep in check for any ingrown hairs. They can get the job done with immaculate precision for minuscule tasks.

And Finally, finish off the ultimate waxing experience with our metal tweezers, designed to last and get even the most stubborn of hairs for a clean finish. American Beauty Supply stocks high-quality stainless-steel tweezers for ultimate durability.