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Gelish Dip


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Browse the latest Harmony Gelish Dip Powder colours at American Beauty Supply. We stock the largest range of nail and beauty products in Australia. Harmony Gelish has introduced a new dipping system range that is lightweight, long lasting, as well as odour-free. Using advanced technology this soak off dip powder is safe and easy to apply. You don’t need curing or UV lamps. It can also be done both professionally at home or in the salon. You now can now transition your favourite Gelish colours into dipping powders for your manicure applications!

Harmony Gelish, widely known for their popular gel polishes, puts quality as their utmost priority. Their dipping system range is no exception with over 120 unique dipping colours from natural nudes, French shades, glitters, shimmers, and even metallic.

Begin your dipping manicure service with Gelish Dip Nail Prep and continue the dipping procedure with Gelish Dip Basecoat, Gelish Dip Activator and finishing it off with Gelish Dip Topcoat.