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Nail Prep & Removers


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Nail Preps and removers are very important for your nail journey from beginning to the end. If your nails are not prepared properly, it may result in erosion and damage later on. ABS has a wide range of your favourite gel preps and removers.

The Apres pH Bonder is the first step to creating beautiful Gel-X extensions. Prep the natural nail and apply the pH Bonder. The bonder dehydrates the nail, removing any oils or residue. This bonder works great as a starting point for the Gel-X application. You can also use it for acrylic or gel services!

Our acetones are the most commonly used solvents for removing nail polish, artificial nails/gel and most adhesives. It is colourless and miscible with most of the liquids. They are also an effective solvent for oils, greases, resins, waxes and adhesives.

Use the EzFlow EzBond to remove moisture and oils on the surface of the nail plate. Make sure to use it prior to all artificial nail services or in conjunction with manicure and pedicure services prior to polish.