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SNS Pink, White & Clear Powders



You’ll wonder how to get the best high-quality dipping powders to achieve that French or natural nail look.  Shop our SNS Pink, White & Clear Powders. Firstly, pair SNS powders with our SNS Dipping Liquids and valuable dipping kits. It is guaranteed to give you the most enviable nails. Our large selection of pink, clear also white powders is catered for producing any sort of French or natural look. In fact, You don’t need any application of Gelous Colours.


One of SNS powders in the range is a Natural Set powder required for every colour and French application, along with Natural Set Sheer. It is an overlay powder to bring out the shine and create strong, healthy nails. Go an extra mile with SNS Sunscreen and Natural Balance Out as a treatment boost to protect your nails from UV rays as well as prevent possible damage to the nail bed.

Soak off your existing acrylic nails to start fresh with our professional strength acetone . Swipe off excess with our alcohol swabs, before commencing a whole new dipping application.