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Hard Wax



Rejuvenate your salon with our exclusive range of hot and hard wax, guaranteed to set you apart from the competition. Our selection of hot waxes is formulated using only the best ingredients and manufacturing methods to ensure gentle removal of short and stubborn hairs without irritating the skin. Hard wax is recommended for more sensitive areas including armpit, bikini and Brazilian waxes, but they are also effective on the entire body, including around the facial area and on eyebrows. Hard are also effective on thick, coarse hair and even on the thinnest roots.

Melt our hard waxes with our big range of wax pots. Once heated and applied, hard waxes can be gently removed directly from the skin without the use of wax strips. American Beauty Supply stocks the most popular brands in the beauty industry from Caronlab, Mancine Professional and many more.