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Nail Tools


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Shop all your Nail tools at American Beauty Supply. Want to elevate your salon’s service? Or maybe you want to focus on providing the ultimate nail service? Perhaps it’s both! It’s time to shake up your salon game with our extensive range of professional tools as well as equipment. All designed to help you maintain and create the most enviable manicure and pedicure.

Regardless of what you specialise in, we have a diverse range of salon supplies and equipment. We always want to ensure that your salon runs smoothly and with the best consumables available. American Beauty Supply offers everything acrylic brushes, French brushes, Curved brushes, nail clippers and nippers, cuticle pushers, nail tips, nail art tools, nail buffers, nail files, colour wheels and a full range of other accessories to ensure your customers get the best treatment available.

American Beauty Supply is your one-stop shop for all nails, waxing and beauty products and equipment.  We bring to you at a competitive, wholesale price to bring your creativity alive.

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