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Dipping Liquids


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Discover a world of possibility with our wide range of Dipping Liquids to achieve the ultimate dip manicure or pedicure.

Begin your dipping manicure service with two parts. Firstly, the powder and secondly, the lipping liquid. Start with a nail prep (if required) and then lay the foundation for coloured, French or Pink powder application. Use our selected dipping liquids.

How To:

Firstly, apply a thin layer of basecoat on the nail bed. Dip it in your favourite dip powder. Secondly, Repeat the colouring process until your layers of coating is satisfactory. Thirdly, apply the SNS Sealer Dry or dip activator to provide a smooth finish to the nail colour. Lastly, apply your SNS topcoat to bring out the shine and create strong, healthy nails.