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Who doesn’t love to treat their feet? Regular pedicures are a popular self care ritual that many of us love to indulge in and at American Beauty, you’ll find a range of premium pedicure products to delight your clients. 

The benefits of a pedicure

Whether it’s to get the feet ready for the summer season, a holiday abroad or simply just part of a regular self care routine, pedicures can offer multiple benefits. They promote good foot hygiene and reduce the risk of fungal infection. Pedicures are also a great way to rid the feet of dead skin and encourage new cell growth. This also helps with blood circulation to the feet and lower legs which again can help to prevent health related problems. A good pedicure can also help to combat ingrown toenails which can be painful and lead to complications. A thorough soak, removal of dead skin cells and good moisturiser also helps to create soft, supple skin on the feet meaning they’ll be sandal ready. Finish off your pedicure with a couple of coats of your favourite nail polish for the ultimate party feet. We recommend the OPI nail lacquer range which features a diverse range of shades from pastel blues, yellows and pinks to deep bold colours like purples, reds and golds. 

The best pedicure tools in Australia

      To offer the ultimate pedicure to your clients, or to give yourself a professional pedicure at home, there are a number of tools and supplies you’ll need. Firstly, decide which pedicure treatment is going to be most effective. We provide treatments for a range of conditions including soothing citrus gels, cooling mud masks and energising mint scrubs. You’ll also find a selection of soaks and lotions for the ultimate moisturisation. Buffing pads, brushes and files are essential for removing dead skin and unveiling fresh, healthy skin cells. Don’t forget your cleaning products which are especially important if you’re a professional with multiple clients. You’ll also find useful salon accessories such as pedi chairs, stools and trolleys if you have your own salon. You’ll also need a good set of nail tools for cutting and shaping. Toe separators will come in handy when you’re ready to apply nail polish and of course a good selection of popular polish colours is essential. 

Tips for a salon worthy pedicure at home

If you’re treating yourself or a loved one to a DIY pedicure, here’s a simple routine to follow for professional results.

  • Cleanse the feet with foot sanitiser and wipe them with a cotton ball or a towel. Remove old nail polish.
  • Give them a soak for a few minutes before starting the pedicure. 
  • When ready, take out the first foot and dry thoroughly. Using a clipper, trim nails working straight to avoid ingrown toenails and file any rough edges. Do the same to the other foot.
  • Apply cuticle cream to each toenail and massage, then soak it again. This helps soften the cuticle when pushed back. When done, dry the feet again. 
  • Using a cuticle pusher, gently push back the cuticles. Carefully remove any excess cuticle using a nipper tool. 
  • File off hard skin using a foot file, following one direction only up to the heel. Apply exfoliating foot scrub after filing to smooth the hard area of the skin. Wash the foot with clean water.
  • Dry the feet thoroughly, apply foot lotion and start massaging. When done, wipe off every toe to ensure there’s no residue left that would prevent nail polish from sticking. 
  • Apply a base coat, followed by your favourite nail polish colour and seal it with a top coat. Moisturise by adding cuticle oil around the nails for healthier skin.