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Nail Files


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Complete your high-quality set of tools with our range of sleek nail files. Our files ranges from an emery board, acrylic file, manicure file and buffing files. ABS supplies the top salon equipment regardless of your budget. The ultimate go to for professionals and nail technicians, a nail file is a popular staple item and must have essential. With the right set of filing tools, you will produce a beautiful manicure on the nails in no time!

Our selection of durable files enables you to create appropriate nails shaping, polish, and smooth out nail edges. These files are easy to use and also aims to prevent splitting or breakages on your natural nails. Our nail files works on both natural as well as artificial nails. They offer multiple levels of coarseness and grits for numerous types of manicure services with a professional finish. Stock up with our big range of manicure and acrylic files files.