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Aprés Aer Gel (Airbrush System)



Discover the newest airbrush using new, cutting edge gel technology! Après Aer Gel (Airbrush System) is an innovative and improved Aer Gel brush, that uses gel paint, rather than outdated acrylic paint. It also works to spray your gel paint seamlessly and flawlessly, without clogging or creating thick splatters.

Après is the world’s first and only soft gel nail extension. It is also one of Australia’s trending gel nail brands today. Its customizable shape, size, as well as natural looks are very popular as well. Their Gel-X extension is made out of gel polish and you can apply directly on a full natural nail. Also cut and shape accordingly. So whether you want a fabulous coffin shape, square, round, or any length, Après nail will work for you.

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