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Bases and Topcoats (for Acrylics)

Bases and Topcoats for Acrylics are the most important tools to create long lasting and beautiful nails. Shop our wide selection of clear, matte or high-shine nail Lacquer at American Beauty Supply. These bases smooths onto the nail seamlessly. The Topcoat seals your beautiful nails and keeps them looking fresh for 4+ weeks.

We are your one-stop shop for all nails, waxing and beauty products and equipment, bring your creativity alive. Also we make sure that you will never run out of stock. Regardless of what you specialise in, we have a diverse range of salon supplies and equipment to ensure that your salon runs smoothly. American Beauty Supply offers everything from acrylic brushesFrench brushesnail clippers and nipperscuticle pushersnail tipsnail art toolsnail buffersnail filescolour wheels and a full range of other accessories to ensure your customers get the best treatment available.