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Acrylic Nail Powder


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There’s no better way to add that extra put-together feel to your look than having your nails polished. Or simply gorgeous. Our collection of acrylic powders is one of the best ways to get beautifully shaped, long, healthy nails. Also add some creativity to your nail designs with all the unique styles and accessories available.

Your Best Nails with Acrylic Nail Powder

Are you a professional nail master creating masterpieces for your clients? Or you are just starting out your nail journey and want to find an easy way to do your nails? Our extensive selection of acrylic powders is the best to keep you company!

Here are a few points to explain why acrylic powder is one of the best nail care investments:


Acrylic powder is your safest bet to ensure that your nail is going to last for the longest time. With proper care and maintenance, acrylic nails can last for more than four weeks! For a full-on acrylic nail experience make sure that your nails are to stay looking freshly done for a long time. Add Acrylic LiquidFrench Brushes and Base & Top Coats to your collection.

Damage resistant

Staying chip and crack free, without fading and changing colour . It is an important aspect of your overall polish wear experience. Acrylic nail powder helps you to get as close to having your nails looking smooth, freshly done, chip and crack free.  Acrylic powder gives is much more damage resistant than what you get with regular nail polish. Not only you can enjoy having your nails done for weeks, you can also be sure that your nail design will withstand a variety of external factors like a trooper!

Helps to grow your nails

The acrylic powder creates a thick layer on top of your natural nails. which is great at protecting your natural nails from a variety of external damage that your nails usually endure. This helps a lot with making sure your nails stay intact for a longer time and to grow long, healthy and strong.

Nail designs

The acrylic powder creates a very smooth surface on your nails. It is great for experimenting with all sorts of nail designs. Not only that, but the acrylic powder also ensures that all the decorative features stay intact for the longest time. If you have a bold and experimental nail design idea in mind – acrylic nails are a perfect way to unleash creativity and express yourself with gorgeous nail designs.

Great for short nails

With the acrylic powder, you can create a smooth perfect surface for your nails. You can also use it for making nail extensions. If you can’t grow your natural nails or want to add some extra cm to your current nail length. Acrylic powders are a fantastic option! This also helps to stay on top of your nail design game. With longer nails you have more creative freedom over choosing the perfect design.

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