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SNS Basics 1+1 (Matching Gel & Nail Lacquer)

The new affordable starter system from SNS with matching Manicures and Pedicures! SNS Basics 1+1 is a simple and inexpensive system with two matching products: Nail Polish and Gel Polish. This combination means salons can offer both manicures and pedicures, confident that the colors will match every time. Basics 1+1 continues the SNS tradition of focusing on healthier product ingredients, and comes in 150 fully matching colours. Each colour comes packaged as a pair, with a Gel and a Lacquer presented together.

Recommended use:
1. Gently remove the shine of the nail bed using an 100 Medium (or 180 Fine) grid buffer and clean thoroughly with alcohol.
2. Apply one thin layer of SNS GelStar Basecoat and cure under UV/LED Light for 30 seconds.
3. Apply one thin layer of SNS Basics Gel Colour. Seal the edges of the nail. Cure under UV/LED light for 30 seconds.
4. Repeat step 3 for a second layer of colour.
5. Apply SNS GelStar Topcoat under a UV/LED Light for 30 seconds (no wipe) to finish.