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SNS DOLO Marble System

Introducing DOLO, an amazing new instant Marbling product from SNS. With this handy tool, your salon can achieve luxurious marble effects within seconds.  Best of all, you do not need any nail art experience as well as any specific skills to achieve this look… Also, there’s no more spending multiple of hours perfecting the marble look. You don’t need to use several different nail polishes and equipment . You can in fact use that extra time to work on other clients! Your clients will have peace of mind with over 3 weeks of durability. That’s right, over 3 weeks of preserving the same marble design on their nails!

Every DOLO nail is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation with TEN colour options! The DOLO set includes one topcoat as well as basecoat catered just for the DOLO system. To activate the flow of each DOLO Marble colour, the application of the DOLO Basecoat and Topcoat are required. DOLO is one of another leading-edge innovation and techniques from Signature Nail Systems, and this cannot be found from other competitive brands.