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The SNS Promise

The SNS Promise

Hearing a lot about SNS Nails from your besties? Well, read on, we are here to tell you the story!

SNS nails have become very popular all over the world. Its often seen at your nearest salons where you had your acrylic or gel nails done before.

So what exactly are SNS nails?

SNS is a proprietary nail dipping system by Signature Nail Systems. It is a powder form of manicure which differs from the conventional acrylics or gels and is your new healthier form of manicure to go to. The dip system falls between a classic manicure and fake acrylic talons.

The process involves applying a primer, then alternate lawyers of base coat and powder pigments and then sealing it off with a sealing top coat. The SNS process also provides extra strength to your nails and its more lightweight than any other manicure and its a great way of getting a bit of extra strength in your nails, whilst maintaining a more “natural-looking” finish.

What's in the SNS dipping powder

The Signature Nail System has a different approach to nails. SNS cares about nail beauty and nail health in equal measure, and this is reflected in our dipping powders.

The SNS dip powder nails are a two-part system involving dip liquids and dip powders. Compared to other treatments, SNS products are created with far less chemicals. They don't require the use of monomers, or any UV light to cure.


The Benefits of the SNS Nails Base

The base products used for SNS nails contains vitamin A, E, vitamin B5, vitamin D and calcium to strengthen your natural nails during application. They are formaldehyde free. This includes all the dip liquids, like your Gel Base or Gelous Base. These nutrients help boost the condition of the nail plate and also mean your own nails are less likely to crack or break.

Your body needs vitamin A to keep your skin, bones, teeth, and soft tissue healthy. It also uses vitamin D to maintain your bones, and it helps your body absorb calcium. Calcium on the other hand is useful for good heart, nerve, and muscle function. Vitamin E has anti-aging benefits, while vitamin B helps to maintain good health.

SNS Manicure At Home

Can you do an SNS manicure at home? Sure you can, and you don’t even need to buy a LED or UV lamp for it. There are complete starter kits available online for a variety of nail styles. And you can always buy different powders to use with your preferred base and sealing coats. It is however a good idea to stick with products from the same range/manufacturer, and avoid potential health issues from black market or unregulated products. Do your research and always buy originals at our store.

In terms of results, SNS nails are usually thicker than gel but not as thick as acrylics, and can last untouched for several weeks. Removing SNS nails at home is easy to do using acetone, but most salons will also offer this service. Unlike acrylics, SNS nails alone won’t make your nails longer but they can be combined with acrylic extensions if you want longer nails.

SNS offers a variety of training courses that include hygienic practices such as not dipping but brushing the dip powder to avoid contaminating the product in between clients. If you opt to have it done at a salon you can see their SNS certifications to know the technicians have been well trained.