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DIY Salon Quality Nails with SNS

DIY Salon Quality Nails with SNS

Salon Quality Nails with SNS

Some things are worth splashing out on... like the DIY Salon Quality Nails With SNS!

Covid-19 restrictions can make it difficult to get to the salon and we generally just want to be as safe as possible. But for a lot of nail lovers out there, not getting our nails done every few weeks is not an option. So you're staying in more often but you still have to take care of yourself and that includes taking care of your nails.

Painting your nails by yourself at home is quite therapeutic and is part of your self-care routine now. However the regular polish just doesn't provide any strength or protection to your natural nails. It also tends to chip after only a few days of wear and no one enjoys having to constantly touch-up polish. If you've been going to the salon for years then this "chipped nails" thing we speak of might be quite foreign to you.

All you know is you miss the strength and durability that your SNS dipping powder mani would usually provide. You never had to worry about your nails this much before.

You realise that SNS nails are essential.

For when you can't get to a salon, here's everything you need to get SNS nails in the comfort of your own home! SNS created DAZL, a brand new product that's best described as a brush-on dipping powder. That's right, it's not exactly dipping powder but it's not gel or polish either. It's just DAZL, and it comes in 150 vibrant colours making DIY dipping powder manis so much easier. Watch this video!

The DAZL Home Kit allows you to enjoy all the benefits of SNS in half steps. After prepping your nails:

  1. Create a strong foundation by applying the Gel Base to your nails, avoiding the cuticle line, and dip into Natural Set Dipping Powder. Repeat to form a base of 3-4 layers depending on how healthy your nails are.
  2. Smooth by patting the powder down around cuticles.
  3. Lock in base with Sealer Dry.
  4. File the base down until it is smooth and even, buff the surface and shape nails.
  5. Apply DAZL and let completely dry before adding more coats.
    • Applying an additional 2-3 coats of colour will amplify the colour and build more strength for your nail.
  1. Apply 2 coats of Gel Top.
  2. Apply Vitamin Oil and massage around cuticles.

And voila! -Salon quality SNS nails that will last you over 3 weeks without chipping, splitting, or lifting.

Share with us your DAZL Home Kit nails for a chance to be featured on our socials and blog.

We’d love to see your creations! - Tag us @americanbeautyau @snsaustralia