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Shellac vs SNS: Everything you need to know

Shellac vs SNS: Everything you need to know

As we learn more about the harm old-fashioned acrylics can cause to the natural nail bed, more and more people are moving away from this trend. What’s more is that they are looking for nail solutions that last – preserving their beauty for two, or even three weeks between manicures.

As a result, Shellac has become hugely popular due to its proclaimed “On like polish, wears like gel, off in minutes” abilities. As manufacturer, CND puts it, Shellac also causes no nail damage, which is important, as today’s female consumer is more health conscious than ever.

So what could be better? According to SNS nail technician, Lilli Vo, in reality there’s only one serious contender: SNS dipping powders. For many women, “SNS” is the premier name in nails, and once they become attached to the brand, they simply won’t let go. However, Shellac and SNS both have their ardent supporters.

On the face of it, the claims for the two product lines are very similar. SNS dipping powders are easy to apply, once you master the skills. And the application is exceptionally strong and durable, with a lifetime of three weeks or more. Yet the feel of an SNS nail is even lighter and more natural. The removal process is also comparable to Shellac in speed and ease.

When it comes to health benefits, both SNS and Shellac avoid the most noxious ingredients, making the two products similar once again. But anything after that has Vo seeing a parting of ways.
“To begin with, in the application process itself, Shellac requires drying under a UV light,” she said. “For many women, this raises red flags. They are worried about the possible harmful effects of UV light exposure."

Additionally, while Shellac appears to help avoid the damage to the nails caused by acrylics, SNS goes a step further, according to Vo.
“SNS is positively good for nail health. The SNS dipping powder system is fortified with no less than four vitamins, plus the all-important mineral calcium. For the consumer, that means that every application is like a health spa for the natural nail.”

However, it's important to note that what may work for some doesn't always work for others. Ultimately, it's up to consumers to research what is best suited to them. To find out more, visit AMERICAN BEAUTY (SNS distributor for SNS Global).