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Clear Chrome Nail Pigment Powder Set (6pcs)


Achieve a stunning mirror-like iridescent finish with our Clear Chrome Nail Powder Set!

Our clear chrome pigment set will give any coloured gel polish a high gloss glass finish. Perfect product for creating the prefect glazed doughnut effect nails. Each set includes 6x 5ml of clear chrome pigments in iridescent silver, gold, rose gold, pink, purple and green.

Treat this chrome powder completely the same as any other chrome.

They will look lighter on a white base and darker on a black base. For best results apply to a tack-free clear gel top coat and seal the nail after the pigment is applied.


Recommended use:
1. The base can be used with any UV gel polish of your choice. Any colour is acceptable as each colour gives a different effect.
2. Apply one layer of UV gel basecoat and cure.
3. Using any nail art brush of your choice, dip into the chrome powder and then rub it onto your nail. You will need to rub away until your nails shine.
5. Using any dust brush of your choice, wipe away any excess chrome powder.
6. Lightly buff around the free edge to remove excess powder and prevent chipping
7. It is very important to apply a UV top coat otherwise the chrome will rub off. Cure once done.

Please note: colours may vary based on application and your device’s digital colour reproduction. If you’re unhappy with the colour you’ve received, not a problem! Simply return the item unopened and in original condition for an exchange or 100% refund. Returns and exchanges will be not accepted if the item has been opened or used.

For more support, please contact us via online@americanbeauty.com.au