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Aprés Nail System


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From the world’s first and only soft gel nail extension and now one of Australia’s trending gel nail kits, Aprés nail system could be your next salon nail buddy. More and more women and salon owners are now raving about Aprés nail system because of its customizable shape, size, and natural looks compared to the traditional acrylic extensions. This Gel-X extension is made out of gel polish and can be applied directly on a full natural nail and can be cut and shaped accordingly. So whether you want a fabulous coffin shape, square, round, or any length in between, Aprés nail will work for you. 

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Aprés Nail System kit & preparation

Apres Nail Systems are professional quality press-on-type nails made entirely out of gel nail. They are much more natural-looking compared to traditional acrylic and significantly thinner. When appropriately done you could have fabulous strong nail extensions for up to 4 weeks.  Comes with a complete set of nail kits that includes pH bond, primer, extend gel, top gel coat, little UV light, the nail file, and of course the trendy Après tips in different shapes and lengths ranging from 0 the largest and 9 the smallest.

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