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EzFlow TruGel



EzFlow Trugel has been designed to give mega-shine and vibrant colour. If you want a pure gel polish without the added nasties look no further than TruGel, created by EzFlow Nail Systems. TruGel is as durable as a traditional gel and brushes on as easily as a polish. A quick cure under either LED or UV lamps gives  your clients the gift of time. It also takes little time to remove the gel without drilling or filing and a 10-minute soak-off with any acetone does the trick.

Removing process

The sticky gel residue can be removed with TruGel Gel Cleanser, so no extra investment necessary. As it is a 100% pure gel, TruGel has been designed to last for a long time. For a quick gel removal, look for TruGel Gel Remover.