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What Makes Après Nail Extensions Different ?

What Makes Après Nail Extensions Different ?

If you don’t have naturally long and strong fingernails, then chances are you have already dabbled in the world of acrylics, press on, or gel manicures. They’re an excellent way to give your look that last little pop of colour or sparkle to catch the eye. 

But we all know the downside that comes with the harsh and toxic chemicals used in acrylics. Oftentimes, leaving your nails in weaker condition than before you got them done.  

Looking for something new? Apres nails might be exactly what you are looking for. Apres nails are revolutionizing the nail industry, and you have got to try it. 

Apres nails are a new introduction to the world of nail extensions. As a much more gentle and safe approach to having long nails, you have to try apres nails. 

What Are Apres Gel-X Nail Extensions? 

Apres Gel-X is the world’s first and only soft gel nail extension system that is fast and easy to apply. They are made entirely from soft gel, not plastic. This allows the nail to be thinner, softer, more flexible and natural-looking. They come pre-cut in various shapes and lengths so you don’t have to spend hours shaping and filing each tip. This means no dust, no odour, and no damage to natural nails!

Applying and Removing Apres Gel-X Extensions

The biggest difference between Apres nails and acrylic nails resides in their application and removal process. 

Apres nails are applied over your entire nail bed that fosters a space for natural nail growth. Unlike other methods that just go on the tip of the nail. They also apply on clear, leaving more room for creativity in design.

A clear primer is applied to each nail, followed by a layer of clear gel that bonds the desired tip shape to the entire nail bed. The hand is then placed under an individual finger LED light, and once cured, can be painted like a normal manicure. After this is complete, the nail set typically lasts about 3-4 weeks without any lifting, chipping, or raised edges. 

The removal process is really where people fall in love with the Apres Nails. The process to remove/take off acrylics typically involves drilling, soaking, and filling. Oftentimes it leaves the nail beds weak and thin. 

With Apres Nails, all you have to do is soak your fingers in acetone and the gel simply soaks off, leaving an undamaged surface for you to apply your next set. 

The Apres Gel-X System 

Apres gel extension nails are taking off in popularity. From local nail techs to A-list celebrities like Ariana Grande, you have to find out what you’re missing. 

Apres Nails are growing traction and becoming more apparent in local nail salons. However, if you are a real go-getter, try using the Apres Nail system at home for yourself! This is the newest nail extension technology that is fast and easy to use. 

There are numerous colours, sizes, tip styles, and other products that can be purchased to enhance your Apres Nail system collection. Popular and trendy nail shapes including square, round, stiletto and coffin tips have never been so easily achieved before Gel-X Extensions. You also have the option of choosing from a variety of different lengths – short, medium, long, extra long, and even XXX-long! (Hello to all the Cardi B and Jenny Queen of Bling fans)With the Apres Gel-X Nail System, you can now finally have your desired nail length and style, while simultaneously preserving your nail beds and keeping them healthy and without the fuss of drilling and filing.