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Nail supply Australia

Sourcing Your Nail Supplies

The nail industry is booming, with more than 24,000 manicurists currently practising across the country. If you’re thinking of opening a nail salon or have your own business already, managing your supply inventory is an ongoing task. Sourcing the best Nail supplies in Sydney is very important as your business and time highly depends on it.

Having well-stocked shelves ensures you always have the right products on hand when you need them. There’s nothing more embarrassing than a customer requesting a specific nail colour only to find you’re out.

Read on for a quick list of things to consider when sourcing wholesale nail supplies in Sydney.

Select Reputable, Effective Brands

Stocking brands your customers know and love is a sure-fire way to build client loyalty–think SNS Nails or the Après nail system. Your clients will feel comfortable wearing a trusted brand, and you can be confident that the final result will wear well.

Using only top-quality products and brands reinforces the idea that you’re an expert in your field. You can also justify charging higher prices for your work–something that will keep a small business afloat.

And when you do shell out that bit extra for safer, cruelty-free, or big-name brands, be sure to make a feature of them. Display them in an eye-catching way in the salon, use them in window displays, product demos, marketing materials, and gift packs.

Bring in the Bling

Undeniably, what goes on a client’s nails–the polish–is a staple of the nail salon. It’s the most critical item in your inventory. Everyone has unique preferences when it comes to colour, patterns, and styles.

To satisfy every wish and whim, nail artists need a vast array of colours and add-ons at their disposal. Look for brands that are hypo-allergenic to ensure customer and staff safety and cruelty-free if you want to cater to the vegan community. And stay on top of nail art trends, too, as this will inform what you add to your selection.

Finally, don’t forget to keep a steady supply of base and topcoat. Since these products are used with every customer, they run out quickly.

Don’t Forget the Prep

A nail salon technician needs to clean, cut, paint, and protect their client’s nails and hands. And there’s a whole array of products and equipment that support that process. Buying nail supplies is far more complex than just buying a bunch of pretty nail polish.

Some must-have items include:

  • Nail polish remover
  • Acetone manicurist solvent
  • Nail clippers and cuticle scissors
  • Orange sticks
  • Nail files, manual and electric
  • Emery boards and buffers
  • Fingers bowls and towels
  • Moisturisers and oils

The list goes on… Order all these different nail products in bulk, store them in an organised manner away from sunlight, and review your inventory regularly to ensure a steady supply.

Sourcing Nail Supplies in Sydney

Of course, how much you have to spend on nail supplies in Sydney matters to your bottom line. To make your hard-earned cash go further, buy from wholesale nail suppliers in bulk, keep an eye out for specials, and plan purchases at least 12 months ahead.

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