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The Pop Art Mani that went Viral

Hello There! Pop Art!

Recently we have been seeing a new nail trend that is actually quite playful, vibrant and technically right out of the books!! All of you Tiktokers would know better! These are also known as cartoon nails, have 3D effects on them and mimics the animated drawings of a comic book, amazing isn’t it?

What is actually POP ART mani?

Pop art manicure is a trendy and vibrant nail art style inspired by the bold and colorful aesthetics of the Pop Art movement that emerged in the mid-20th century. This art form, characterized by its use of bright colors, bold shapes, and popular culture references, has found its way into the world of nail design. Here's a look at some key elements of a pop art manicure:

    1. Color Palette: Pop art manicures are known for their eye-catching and vibrant color palettes. Bright primary colors, such as red, blue, and yellow, are often used, along with contrasting shades to create dynamic and visually striking designs.



  1. Geometric Shapes: Geometric shapes, especially dots, stripes, and bold lines, are fundamental to pop art. Nails are often adorned with these elements to recreate the graphic and dynamic nature of pop art pieces.



  1. Comic Book Style: Pop art manicures frequently incorporate a comic book style, with the use of speech bubbles, cartoon-style illustrations, and halftone patterns. This adds a playful and whimsical touch to the nail art.

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  1. Iconic Symbols and Images: Pop art is known for using iconic symbols and images from popular culture. This can include images of celebrities, everyday objects, and symbols like hearts or stars. These elements are creatively incorporated into the nail art to capture the essence of pop art.


  1. Mixed Media: Some pop art manicures experiment with mixed media, combining traditional nail polish with additional elements like nail decals, 3D embellishments, or even tiny replicas of iconic pop art images.

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  1. Negative Space: Negative space is often used in pop art manicures to create balance and interest. This involves leaving parts of the nail bare or using clear polish strategically to form shapes and patterns.

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  1. DIY or Professional: While some individuals may opt for professional nail artists to achieve intricate pop art designs, others may choose to experiment with DIY techniques using nail art tools, striping tape, and decals.
  1. Personalization: Pop art manicures offer a great deal of room for personalization. Whether you want to pay homage to a specific pop art piece or incorporate your favourite pop culture references, the style allows for a wide range of creative expression.


Whether you're a fan of Roy Lichtenstein's comic-inspired works or the bold graphics of Andy Warhol, a pop art manicure is a playful and expressive way to bring the spirit of pop art to your fingertips. Remember, trends in nail art can evolve, so checking out the latest designs and techniques in the nail art community will keep you informed about the current state of pop art manicures.

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