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What do you know about the Aprés Gel-X nail extensions?

Today, we’re lucky that new methods and materials for nail art are being created all the time.

First came acrylics. Then came gel nails. And now, gel nails are being refined even further to create a healthier and more robust nail treatment.

Enter Aprés Gel-X manicures, your new favourite way to do your nails. If you're not yet familiar with Après Gel-X extensions, and all the ways in which they're different to other types of artificial nails, don't worry. We've got you covered. Here is a guide to Après Gel-X nail extensions in Australia.

Read on for a complete beginner's guide to this innovative nail treatment.

What Makes Gel-X Nail Extensions so Special?

Aprés Gel-X nail extensions are beloved by manicurists and clients alike for many reasons.

For one, they contain less harsh chemicals than their acrylic counterparts. But they’re just as durable.

They’re also thin and flexible, which gives them a more natural appearance. One of their biggest draws, however, is their longevity. When properly applied, a set will last on average between three and four weeks.

Long-lasting, durable, and lifelike? What more could a girl want?

All About Après Gel-X Manicures

Is your interest piqued? We thought as much. If you'd like to try out this miracle manicure for yourself, there are some things you should know about the process.

First, you'll need to prep the nail. For best results, it will need to be filed and buffed. Next, you'll need to apply a coat of special pH bonder, and then a coat of primer.

Now you need to prep the gel nail. File the inside of the nail—with an e-file if possible. Next, you should apply a layer of extend gel to your nail, holding it under a UV light for around a minute.

Now the fun part: Press the gel nail onto your nail, starting at the cuticle and pressing down from there. Cure the nail for around 10 seconds. Add a dot of the extend gel to the gel nail, also.

Repeat this process for all ten nails, and then cure your hand for a further minute under a UV light (all of the times given here can be halved if an LED light is being used). After they’re stuck on good and tight, you can file and shape the gel nails as you wish.

Après Gel-X Extension Removal

After your nails have run their course, you’ll need to remove them. This process is relatively easy. All you will need to do is cut down the extension as far as you can and then remove the rest with simple acetone.

Try It for Yourself Today

If this guide to Après Gel-X nail extensions has inspired you to try Manicures for yourself, you’re in luck. We’ve got everything you could possibly need to get started today, from paints and gels to Gel-X starter kits.

Browse our extensive collection of Après products today and see for yourself why this nail art system is so popular.