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SNS CC20 (2-in-1 Matching GelStar & Nail Lacquer) 15ml - Baby Bear

$18.00 $27.00

SNS MasterMatch 2-in-1 is a simple system with two matching products, containing one SNS Nail Lacquer perfect for pedicures and one matching SNS Healthy Gelstar for manicures. With intense colour formula, expect brilliant colour with every swipe!

Offer your clients a matching mani-pedi service with the colour consistency of SNS products. SNS 2-in-1 MasterMatch conveniently comes with both a Nail Lacquer and Healthy GelStar polish in identical hues.

Recommended use: Prep the natural nail with SNS EA Bond. Apply 1 thin coat of SNS Gelstar Healthy Basecoat and cure. Apply 1 thin coat of colour and cure, repeat one more layer and cure. Finish off with SNS GelStar Ultra-Shine Topcoat and cure.

- Over 2 weeks worth of durable wear
- Easy-to-apply gel polish gives you gorgeous nails with no skills required
- Cures 30 seconds under LED lamp or 1 minute on UV light.
- All applications helps each nail grow stronger and healthier with added Vitamins and calciums
- Compatible to use with SNS GelStar Basecoat and Topcoat and no wiping required
- Made in USA.

Recommended use: Push back cuticles, apply a thin layer of natural basecoat and then apply one thin stroke of nail lacquer down the center of the nail, followed by one stroke along each side of the nail. Repeat for second coat and then seal off with any natural topcoat. Allow to dry approximately 10-15 minutes.
- SNS Nail lacquer is the original nail polish formula that reinvented existing SNS Gelous colours, your top choice if you enjoy updating your manicure and pedicure weekly
- Easy-to-apply nail polish which gives you gorgeous nails quicker than a New York minute
- All applications helps each nail grow stronger and healthier with added Vitamins and calciums
- Compatible to use with any natural basecoat and topcoat for nail lacquer
- Made in USA.

Please note: colours may vary based on application and your device’s digital colour reproduction. If you’re unhappy with the colour you’ve received, not a problem! Simply return the item unopened and in original condition for an exchange or 100% refund. Returns and exchanges will be not accepted if the item has been opened or used.

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