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What Is the Difference Between Dip Powder and Acrylic Nails?

What Is the Difference Between Dip Powder and Acrylic Nails?

Nothing can make you feel more beautiful and put together than a fresh manicure. A long-lasting manicure can make you feel confident and refreshed. What we all dread is the moment that your manicure deteriorates from pristine to chipped and old.  

Everyone wants the perfect nails however, not all manicures are the same. A plain polish can get dingey and chip very quickly- typically not even lasting a week. Whereas, dip powder or acrylic nails can last upwards of three weeks. Keep reading to learn more.

Dip Powder Nails 

Dip powder nails are applied through painting on a base bonding solution. The clear solution is applied to the nail then each finger is dipped into the nail powder. The bonding solution and dipping process are repeated until the desired effect occurs:

Benefits of Dip Powder

Because dip powder nails are applied directly to the nail it is a great way to try out a new nail shape or add some length to your nails. Because of the use of powder dip nails they can also be designed with an ombre effect. 

Dip powder nails typically last two weeks before the natural nail bed begins to show and unlike acrylic nails are easy to remove. A dip manicure can be cleanly removed by soaking your nails in acetone. 

Cons of Dip Powder

A dip manicure does not remain in pristine condition as long as acrylic. Dip nails may chip or crack along the edges after a week or so, making your manicure require additional maintenance. 

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are possibly the most common nail enhancement. An acrylic nail kit comes with a false nail, liquid reactant, and brush to create the enhancement. 

These nail extensions use a combination of acrylic powder and acrylic false nail tips to create a new base for your manicure. The acrylic powder is applied with a small wet brush and a liquid reactant. This reactant allows nail technicians to shape the powder and create a beautiful effect. 

Benefits of Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails create a very durable manicure. Acrylic nails do not smudge or chip. Once the acrylic powder has hardened and is shaped it becomes very stiff. 

There is minimal upkeep required for acrylic nails. The initial application of the acrylic nails may be expensive, however, for long-term maintenance, you can go get your nails "filled" once your nailbed has started to show. 

Cons of Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are beautiful however do require that regular upkeep. For a long-term manicure, it is important to budget out fills every two weeks or so.

In addition to regular fills, you may need nail repairs. Since acrylic nails are so stiff they are more likely to snap than their powder counterparts. 

Maintain Your Manicures

For long-lasting manicures and healthy nails, it is important to receive regular nail care. Your hands and feet go through a lot in a given day which may cause calluses to develop or your skin to crack. Manicures are a great way to ensure that the skin on your hands and feet are well cared for and relaxed. Both dip powder and acrylic nails can be used for a beautiful manicure that can promote nail health and elevate anyone's day. Connect with us for more information on nail care and to stock up on supplies for premium nail care.