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Nail Supplies: How To Store Them to Avoid Damage

Nail Supplies: How To Store Them to Avoid Damage

How do you store nail supplies carefully where they don't take too much space? What are some dip powder storage ideas that can avoid any powder spilling?

Here are ways to store your nail products safely and without any messes.

Storage Ideas for Nail Polish

Nail polish comes in a variety of colours and bottle sizes, but when you have them stored in the wrong place, the bottles can break and spill on the floor. That's not fun for anyone involved! Here are some ideas for nail polish storage:

  • Buy nail polish storage containers
  • Keep it away from heat and sunlight
  • Keep them in cool, dark areas like under the bed, in a drawer, or a closet

You should avoid storing them in a bathroom, near a window, or in a refrigerator.

Dip Powder Storage Ideas

Dip powders, including SNS powder, has become a popular way of making your nails become strong. They are also renowned for having the colour last longer. But if you leave the cap unscrewed for long enough and you knock it over, that leads to powder all over the floor.

Some of the ways you can store nail dip powders:

  • Buy a mini nail polish display that is easily accessible
  • Get nail polish storage containers that allow enough room for deeper storage than just bottles

Storing them these ways will let you access them without any more mess.

Press-On Nail Storage

Press-on nails are a cheap and effective way to look like your nails have been done by a professional artist. Yet without proper storage, these pieces can easily get lost.

You can easily store any press-on nails by placing them in a special storage space in a drawer. You can also try to place them in a shallow box with the labels listing where each press-on nail piece is from. Beige Press-On Nails

Store Your Nail Supplies Safely

You don't need expensive containers or shelves to store your nail supplies in your home. Finding the right storage for any items you need for your next manicure or pedicure is necessary and saves you money in the long run.  

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