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Nail Art Sequins (Glow in the Dark) 12pcs - Set #03



  • These nail sequins are ideal for embedding or encapsulating into every acrylic and gel nail work.
  • Chemically safe for use with acrylic, gels, & polish.
  • They appear colourful and GLOW when in the dark.
  • Add them to your nail design or embed them within your acrylic/gel product.
  • Being soft and flexible they can be very easily maneuvered into the right place.
  • Multiple of nail art designs, easy creations without limit.
  • Each set comes with 12 assorted shapes and designs.

How to use:

1. Prepare your nails with UV base coat and cure under UV/LED lamp
2. Apply a coat of any UV gel colour (but do NOT cure)
3. Use a tweezer or nail art tool to apply each sequins onto your nails
4. Cure entire layer under UV/LED lamp.
5. Seal final layer with UV gel topcoat and cure under UV/LED lamp.


Please note: colours may vary based on application and your device’s digital colour reproduction. If you’re unhappy with the colour you’ve received, not a problem! Simply return the item unopened and in original condition for an exchange or 100% refund. Returns and exchanges will be not accepted if the item has been opened or used.

For more support, please contact us via online@americanbeauty.com.au