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SNS DAZL DZ154 Non-UV Gel Polish (15ml) Xi’an



DAZL is a remarkable new system creates a whole new way to apply dipping powder – 50% faster than before. DOUBLE your revenues by providing twice the services you could before while providing the same benefits. The new method combines clear dipping powder with a new quick-drying colour formula, applied on top of a clear dipping powder base. DAZL ensures that all your health benefits of SNS dipping powders are preserved with the natural nail bed as healthy as before, or even healthier.

•⠀Brilliant mirror finish with a long-lasting 3 weeks (or more)
⠀The newest and healthiest nail system to use on artificial and acrylic nails only
⠀No UV light required and absolutely NO odours, harsh chemicals or chipping.
⠀All applications helps each nail grow stronger and healthier with added Vitamins and calciums.
•⠀Lasts for three weeks with over 150 colours to choose from!

Recommended use:
1. Apply EA Bond, 2. Apply one thin layer of Gel Base and dip in Natural Set,3. Repeat Gel Base and Natural Set,⠀4. Apply one thin layer of Sealer, ⠀5. File and Buff, and then wash and dry hands5. Apply 1 coat of DAZL, dry for approximately 3 minutes and apply another layer for a full, shiny coat6. Apply Senshine Topcoat for maximum results (or Gel Top if preferred).

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