Gelish Dip Liquids

Discover a world of possibility with our wide range of liquid products from Gelish Dip Liquids to achieve the ultimate dip manicure. Begin your dipping manicure service with two parts: the powder and then the dipping liquid.

  1. Push back cuticles and prep one coat of Gelish Dip Prep to the natural nails.
  2. Start with an application of our nail tips using ABS Nail Glue. File and shape.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Gelish Dip Basecoat on only ¾ of the nails.
  4. For dark colours start with Gelish Dip Clear as Day or Sheer as Silk or any Gelish Dip Pink & White Powders for other colours.
  5. Begin application of any Gelish Dip Coloured Powders.
  6. Repeat the colouring process until your layers of coating is satisfactory.
  7. Apply Gelish Dip Activator for 20 seconds to provide a smooth finish to the nail colour.
  8. One more coat of Gelish Dip Basecoat
  9. Smooth and refine nail surface using a buffer and then one more coat of Gelish Dip Activator.
  10. Lastly, 2 thin layers of Gelish Dip Topcoat is applied to bring out the shine and create strong, healthy nails.
  11. Compliment the final dipping manicure with Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil for added protection for each cuticle.

Each dipping liquid is essential for every colour and French dipping application… It requires no curing and gives you the opportunity to create either a luscious or matte look – whichever floats your boat!

Discover our full, exclusive range of Gelish Dip dipping liquids for your everyday manicure services. American Beauty Supply is your one-stop shop for all nails, waxing and beauty products and equipment – brought to you at a competitive, wholesale price to bring your creativity alive.

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