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Why SNS Nails Are the Best

In the great manicure debate, there are pros and cons to every option. Most salons are familiar with all of these arguments and are hesitant to take a stand when it comes to picking a favourite.  Well, we’re here to help. It’s no surprise that SNS manicures are one of the most popular options in […]

What Makes Apres Nail Extensions Different From All the Rest?

If you don’t have naturally long and strong fingernails, then chances are you have already dabbled in the world of acrylics, press on, or gel manicures. They’re an excellent way to give your look that last little pop of colour or sparkle to catch the eye.  But we all know the downside that comes with […]

What You Should Know About Wholesale Nail Supplies in Australia

Looking good comes at a price. And nowhere is that more true than in Australia! Aussies spend an astonishing $2 billion on manicures and pedicures every year. But what if we told you that there’s a way to get salon-quality nail care at a wallet-friendly price?  Buying wholesale beauty supplies has long been a secret […]

Holiday SNS was the best beauty decision I’ve ever made

When it comes to my nails I’d say they’re au-naturel, or very, very natural. The most I do is a quick file to whip them into some kind of presentable length and shape. There’s no buff or polish and I rarely get fancy manicures. Heck, the last time I had them done was for a […]

Shellac vs SNS: Everything you need to know

As we learn more about the harm old-fashioned acrylics can cause to the natural nail bed, more and more people are moving away from this trend. What’s more is that they are looking for nail solutions that last – preserving their beauty for two, or even three weeks between manicures. As a result, Shellac has […]

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