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Beginners Guide to a Successful Nail Journey

Beginning your Nail Journey? Here are 3 tips where to buy Nail Products online Are you ready to begin your successful nail journey and want to buy nail products online as a start? While beginners may have a hard time doing some of the more outrageous nail art trends out there, getting the fundamentals down first […]

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Nail Supplies in Sydney

The nail industry is booming, with more than 24,000 manicurists currently practising across the country. If you’re thinking of opening a nail salon or have your own business already, managing your supply inventory is an ongoing task. Having well-stocked shelves ensures you always have the right products on hand when you need them. There’s nothing more embarrassing […]

Après Nail Extension Blogs Australia

Manicures have come a long way since their humble beginnings thousands of years ago. Today, we’re lucky that new methods and materials for nail art are being created all the time. First came acrylics. Then came gel nails. And now, gel nails are being refined even further to create a healthier and more robust nail treatment. […]

Dip Powder vs Gel Nails: Which One Is Better?

Are you looking to up your manicure game for yourself or your clients? With all the manicure options out there, how do you decide what to get? We compare two popular choices: dip powder vs gel nails. Read on to learn about the differences between dipping powder and gel polish and if it’d be suitable […]

Let’s Compare Dip Powder vs Gel Nails

Are you looking to up your manicure game for yourself or your clients? When it’s time to go shopping for new nail supplies, what are you going to pick up? There are so many options that can give you awesome results! Two of the most popular options are dip powder nails and gel nails, but […]

What Is the Difference Between Dip Powder and Acrylic Nails?

Nothing can make you feel more beautiful and put together than a fresh manicure. A long-lasting manicure can make you feel confident and refreshed. What we all dread is the moment that your manicure deteriorates from pristine to chipped and old.   Everyone wants the perfect nails however, not all manicures are the same. A plain […]

Why SNS Nails Are the Best

In the great manicure debate, there are pros and cons to every option. Most salons are familiar with all of these arguments and are hesitant to take a stand when it comes to picking a favourite.  Well, we’re here to help. It’s no surprise that SNS manicures are one of the most popular options in […]

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